About me

I am a programmer with many years of professional experience. After graduation, I started working as a full stack PHP developer. After a few years I decided to change my primary programming language to Ruby. From the very beginning of my adventure with programming, I have been focusing strongly on Internet projects. I like that they are highly available to people from all over the world. Over the years, websites have evolved from simple and limited in functionalities ones to very advanced systems, often enabling much more than the applications installed on client computers. Over the years I have gained extensive experience in creating this type of applications. I got to know the weaknesses of these systems and I learnt how to alleviate or even totally eliminate the problems related to them. It is common that a website is not left alone on a server dedicated only to it, but that the application requires the cooperation of external sites. I worked on projects using various API provided by external suppliers. Not only have I used APIs from external suppliers, but also created my own API. I am sure that by choosing to cooperate with me, you will be fully satisfied with the final product, which will be a project able to compete with world leaders!




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